Tess’s Press Kit artistecard.com/tessescotomusic

TessEscoto.Wordpress.Com is my poetry and creative writing site. Please visit 🙂

Maybe you’ve sung in one of the choirs/groups I’ve directed, maybe you’ve been in a band with me….but one thing you know is that I love Gospel and I love worship. I have a passion for supporting churches and non-profits by putting together the best sound possible to create an environment for worship. I will definitely put you on the fast track to growth, musically and spiritually.

Here’s a list of the things I love to do:

  • Event Programs (orchestra, band, choir and ensembles as well as soloists)
  • Worship Team Direction and Team Building (all of my teams have doubled during the time I’ve served in churches)
  • Change management – teams respond to exercises in transition and devotionals
  • Development – I believe in leadership building. No stars onstage, just hard working, loving people. That’s what I model.


Some of the projects we’ve accomplished within the last ten years:

Performance of musicals and/or dramatic presentations at each Easter, Christmas and various church events with full choir and band/horns Development of youth choirs and youth ensembles/bands Direction of Women’s Event music (2,000+ attendees)

  • Leadership at various youth worship events (over 2000+ attendees)
  • Recordings for major companies such as Nickelodeon and Andrae Crouch Worship Weekends – Choir and worship team/band bulding
  • Consultation – Let me know your needs; let me help you build! Blessings and look for some vid uploads very soon Tess @music_girl (Twitter) facebook/tessescotomusic

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